House portraits
of distinction






About the Artist

“I see the house, but I draw the home”

Stephen Walker is a St. Louis native, and lives in O’Fallon, Missouri, with his wife, Carole, and children, Janna and Matthew. He is an award-winning graphic designer for Mercy Health in St. Louis. Walker’s house portraits combine his enjoyment of drawing and his admiration of the wonderful homes in the St. Louis area. The portraits are created in pen and ink, then richly finished with colored pencil and pastels.

Stephen is a regular participant in art shows in the St. Louis area. These include Art in the Park, held annually in Francis Park, as well as events in the Central West End, Compton Heights, and Lafayette Square. In O’Fallon, his house portraits were exhibited at the Renaud Spirit Center and at the city’s first “Celebration of the Creative” art show.

“I’m always sensitive to the fact that I’m depicting someone’s most treasured possession,” Walker says. “It’s where family histories have taken place, where parents have nurtured their children, and where many lasting memories were created.” As he strives to capture the essence of each client’s residence, Walker describes his philosophy: “I see the house, but I draw the home.”